New Smart Copy Feature Comes to Edge Canary

In March, Microsoft announced that a new feature was coming to Edge, Smart Copy. Yes, they’ve been working on this feature since then and now it’s the Canary Channel. However, it is worth it and then you will see what it is.

Extract all information from the web with Smart Copy

Smart Copy allows users to keep the rich format when copying from the web. Microsoft noted that it will keep the images, formatting, or links to ensure the content looks exactly the way you want it to.

Smart Copy makes it easy to select, copy and paste the exact content we want on the web, while preserving the rich web format. You can use the cursor to select any area or type of content. Pasting it will keep the format including any images or links.

After a long wait, the feature is now available in Edge Canary. And we are confident that its development will continue through the rest of the channels as soon as possible.

To activate it, we will press (Ctrl + Shift + X) or select “Smart Copy” from the context menu (although currently the menu entry does not work). It seems that Microsoft Edge has decided to clearly differentiate itself from Google Chrome. We hope you will continue to give this character to your browser.

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