New Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 reportedly competes with Intel’s latest

Rumors are starting about the new Qualcomm processors for Windows 10 ARM. We’ve criticized in the past how bland the 8cx Gen2 is and it looks like the third generation of this Snapdragon will improve dramatically according to Geekbench 5.

Qualcomm improves dramatically with Snapdragon 8cx Gen3

First of all, we need to warn you that this data may not be correct. This is a benchmark that has appeared and we still cannot confirm that this is the new Qualcomm processor.

These results have not yet been corroborated by Qualcomm itself. In fact, they might even improve as a pre-production unit.

Rumors of the new 8cx Gen3 processor speak of 8 high performance cores running at different frequencies. This differs from the big.Little original, which looks for cores that consume less to promote autonomy.

According to the benchmarks obtained, this processor would directly compete with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 processors. For a single core, we would have 982 points, while in multicore, we go up to 4918 points. A substantial improvement over the previous model.

The reality is that the 11th gen Intel Core i7s continue to outperform this new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon, but the differences are narrowing. It’s a clear sign that Qualcomm is doing things right.

There is still a big difference with the Apple M1 processor but it is too early for us to see Nuvia working on this processor. It is clear that ARM has a very bright future in Windows 10. Hopefully we can see its rise soon.

Multicore TDP Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 Single-Core Processor (Unofficial) 982 4918 Unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2795 3050 7W Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 1725 2884 7W Intel Core i7-1160G7 1400 5000 15W Intel Core i7-1185G7 1550 5600 28W Apple M1 1710 7660 20-24W

It remains to be seen whether this new generation of processors can promote the manufacture of equipment for Windows 10 ARM by partners. The benefits that ARM offers are great, but Microsoft is unwilling to do the all-in-one that Apple has followed as a strategy.

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