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Rice Well, a species of baleen found in the Gulf of Mexico, is threatened although it has been recently identified. American experts were able to distinguish it and other species of baleen pits from the analysis of rice veal. Rice Well was previously considered a subfamily of Bridey Well. However, it is now considered a separate species.

Only 100 well left
At the same time, scientists claim that only 100 of its members remain. They are prone to oil spills, accidents with ships, mosquito wreckage, and getting stuck in fishing gear. Rice Well has a small population and is found in limited places, increasing the risk of hovering over them. It was previously classified as endangered and is now considered safe. Along with this, mammals have also been declared safe under the Organism Conservation Act.

How to know different species
In 2008, fisheries scientist and NOAA researcher Dr Patricia Rosell found it different from the other well, based on data from Genetech. He discovered in a study in 2014 that rice is indeed a different species. Now their skulls have been studied, which revealed the difference between them and well braid. His second well was measured. After that, genetic analysis also turned out to be different from other species.

How did you get the name
The well takes its name from the scientific name Balaenoptera rizi and the common name for Rice’s whale of the famous American biologist Dale Rice, who has worked in marine mammal science over a 60-year career. Rice died in 2017 and was the first researcher to identify the species in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr Rosel and his team published an analysis in a scientific article by Marine Mammal Science.

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