new strain of coronavirus in UK: new strain of coronavirus: new strain of corona in UK ‘out of control’, stop flights around the world, emergency meeting in India today – Emergency meeting in UK on new uncontrollable coronavirus strain in India

The new type of corona virus (‘strain’) has grown ‘out of control’ in the east of England, including the UK capital, London. In view of this very poor state of London, many countries in the world including Europe have banned flights from Great Britain. This new strain of Corona has spread not only to Great Britain but also to Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and South Africa. In view of this grave danger, the Indian Government also called an emergency meeting on Monday.

This new strain of the corona virus which spreads quickly in the UK is spreading 70% faster than the virus of the past. The Indian government fears that if the virus enters the country, cases of the corona virus could increase very quickly. A source in the Indian government said: “A joint watch group will meet on Monday under the chairmanship of the Director General of Health Services (DGHS) to discuss the new type of corona virus in Britain. The representative of the World Health Organization in India, Dr Rodericko H. Offrin, is also a member of the JMG.

Previously, several EU countries had halted flights from the UK after the UK government issued a warning of a new type of virus ‘out of control’. At the same time, Britain has also imposed a strict lockdown since Sunday. The new type of corona virus is believed to be responsible for the rapid spread of the infection in the UK. Meanwhile, the European Union is also meeting on Monday.

The new strain is no more deadly than before
On the flip side, UK health officials said there was no evidence the virus would be more deadly or react differently to the vaccine, but it was found to be 70% more infectious. The Netherlands and Belgium are banning flights from the UK, while Germany is considering limiting the number of flights so that the epidemic does not spread across the European continent.

At the same time, the Netherlands has halted flights to and from Britain at least until the end of this year and Belgium has suspended flights to and from Britain. from midnight for 24 hours. Belgium has also suspended the rail service connecting Great Britain. German officials say they are considering “ serious options ” regarding planes coming in from Britain but have yet to decide.

Decisions taken due to the move from Britain
The Netherlands said they would discuss various possibilities with other EU countries to prevent this new strain of the virus from coming from Britain. The governments of the three member countries of the European Union have said they are taking the decision in view of the strict measures taken on Saturday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for London and its surroundings.

‘A new strain is spreading quickly’
Previously, Prime Minister Johnson had imposed strict Category 4 restrictions with immediate effect, saying a new strain of the corona virus had emerged which was spreading 70% faster than the old virus and London. And can spread the infection quickly in the south of England. The lockdown has been implemented with strict restrictions since Sunday to increase the rate of infection, forcing millions to stay indoors. Non-essential stores and establishments have also been closed. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said on Sunday he was issuing a 24-hour no-fly order, which will take effect from midnight.

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