new strain of coronavirus: Pakistani doctor claims ‘eating popcorn increases immunity’, Indians say – drink Giloy – Pakistani doctor Shahid Masood claims eating popcorn increases immunity,

The whole world is troubled by the ravages of Corona. Everyone is waiting for Corona to leave. However, in the meantime, many strange claims about Corona’s treatment have also been raised. One of these claims was made by a doctor in Pakistan. A Pakistani doctor named Shahid Masood claimed that consuming popcorn increased immunity against the new Corona virus.

“ Eating popcorn will increase immunity ”
Pakistani television channel GNN TV was broadcasting a live program with Dr Shahid Masood. In this program, Dr Shahid Masood claimed that consuming popcorn will help build immunity against the new Corona virus. He said, “Eat popcorn to increase immunity against the new Kovid second wave mutation, which is N501Y. Eat popcorn, it increases immunity.

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Video goes viral on social media
This video of Dr Shahid Masood was tweeted by Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat. This video, which claims to increase immunity by eating popcorn, is now going very viral on social media. The chain anchor also smiles at Dr Masood’s assertion.

Indians had fun, said – Giloy drinks popcorn
This video posted by Nayala Grace is also going viral in India and Indians are enjoying it fiercely. One user said that you drink Giloy, it will be better. At the same time, another user pointed out that why the developed countries do not listen to such a simple solution?

New strain of corona virus also found in Pakistan
A new strain of the corona virus was confirmed in Pakistan on Tuesday. This is the strain recently found in Britain. So far, 4 75,085 cases of corona have been reported in Pakistan, of which 4,25,494 people have become infection-free while 9,992 have lost their lives.

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