new strain of coronavirus study: New strain of coronavirus spreading in UK is more infectious but not fatal: study – experts say new strain of coronavirus is more infectious but not as fatal according to study in Great Britain Brittany

Following the rapid spread of the new strain of corona virus in the UK in recent weeks, concern has grown around the world. However, a study by that country’s public health institution found that not only did it bring in more patients infected with the old strain than the new one, but it also resulted in more deaths. Therefore, experts say there is no panic about the new strain, it is more contagious than the old strain, but not fatal.

‘A new strain is not dangerous’
This study was carried out on 3600 patients by the UK Public Health Society. 1800-1800 patients of both strains were received there, but of these, only 42 patients had to be admitted to hospital. Of these, 26 patients were of an old strain and 16 patients of a new strain. This shows that patients with the new strains also have reduced severity, so they had to reduce admissions. While it was found more in the old.

Chronic disease due to a chronic strain
Of the 26 patients of the old strain, 12 died and 10 of the 16 patients of the new strain died. It was observed that there were more deaths of patients with old strains compared to newer strains. This shows that the new strain is also deadly. Therefore, there is nothing to panic about the new strains. Yes, this study found that the new strain is more contagious than the old one, but it’s neither more serious nor more fatal.

Vaccination has started in Britain
Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine is being offered to people in the UK, and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine will also launch from Monday. The government had ordered 10 million doses but production is still lagging behind. During the last month of December, after the rapid spread of the new strain, many cities including London were placed under lockdown while many countries also halted flights to and from there.

Pfizer vaccine shock! Nurse vaccinated after vaccination

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