new strains of swine fever in China: China imposed poor vaccine, two new strains of African swine fever spread in the country – China New strains of swine fever indicate unauthorized vaccines

There has been a big revelation about the new strain of African swine fever that is prevalent in pigs in China. This new strain of African swine fever has spread to China due to illegal vaccination. Following this revelation, the world’s largest pork producer suffered a major setback which is still recovering from the corona virus outbreak. Two new strains of African swine fever have infected more than a thousand pigs.

All of these pigs were raised on the New Hope Liouhe Company farm. The company is the fourth largest pork producer in China. The company’s chief scientist, Yan Zhichun, said contract farmers watched the pigs. These two fresh strains do not have two major genes for African swine fever. In addition, pigs do not die because they were infected with this fresh strain compared to the year 2018.

Yan said the outbreak of the disease has reduced the number of healthy children. The New Hope Company kills infected pigs to prevent the spread of the disease, proving the disease is deadly. Although the disease is now limited, if the strain spreads quickly it will create a crisis for the world’s largest pork producer and consumer.

About two years ago, swine fever killed half of China’s 400 million pigs. Pork prices are currently at record highs and China is under pressure to strengthen food security in the face of the corona virus. Beijing animal doctor Wayne Johansen said he treated less harmful swine fever last year. This fresh virus does not contain MGF360 genes. Experts say that since swine fever is not fatal to humans, it does not have a vaccine. On the other hand, Chinese farmers are applying unapproved vaccines to protect their pigs. Due to this, there is an accidental infection and this disease spreads.

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