new symptoms of covid strain: Covid-19 highly contagious Mexican variant spread around the world: Mexican variant of covid-19 responsible for infection in many European countries

The Mexican variant of Corona has now taken its toll in countries around the world. The dangerous strain of this virus which mutated in Mexico has engulfed many countries in Europe. Scientists have confirmed that this variant is more dangerous and infectious than all previous strains. Of the total number of corona cases found in Mexico, the number of people infected with this variant is 52.3%.

WHO gave no name
Scientists know this strain as T478K. It is colloquially known as the Mexican variant of Corona. The World Health Organization has yet to name this variant in its system. Let us tell you that the WHO names the corona variants found in different countries using Greek letters.

Scientists are concerned about the infection rate of this variant
Scientists are concerned about the infection rate of this variant. This strain spreads very quickly in many countries in North America, especially Mexico. This is the reason why the share of this strain in the total Kovid infection in Mexico is more than 50 percent. Professor Federico Giorgi of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology at the University of Bologna said after a study that it was more dangerous than the UK variant in terms of the rate and speed of infection.

The name of the first strain of covid found in India will be ‘Delta’, do you know what name the WHO gave to the second strain?
The Mexican variant reached these countries in Europe
The Mexican variant has so far been found in Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy. This variant can neutralize the effect of any drug by modifying it with antibodies present in the human immune system. It also takes a long time to recover after getting infected. It is said that only a few drugs have an effect on this strain of virus.

Only one strain of delta variant of corona virus found in India is of concern: WHO
A new variant of Corona found in India too
The Indian National Institute of Virology (NIV) has detected a new variant B. of Kovid-19. This variant has been found in people who came to India from the UK and Brazil. The new variant can cause severe symptoms in those infected. The pathogenicity of NIV has been studied and shown that this variant causes severe disease. In the study, whether the vaccine was effective against the variant or not, the need for screening was noted.

B. New variant of corona gives severe illness, but Covaxin can do all of its work
This NIV study was published online in bioRxiv. However, another study by NIV Pune itself indicates that Covaxin is effective against this variant. According to the study, the antibodies produced by two doses of the vaccine were able to neutralize this variant.

Very profound effect on the lungs of mice
According to the study, variant B. showed several adverse effects on infected Syrian rats. These included weight loss, copying of the virus in the respiratory system, damage to the lungs, and heavy damage. The study highlights the need for surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2 genome to prepare for variants that escape the immune system.

New Corona variant wreaks havoc

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