New taskbar subtly details progress in Windows 11

We use it daily and continue to discover details that we love. For some Windows 11s, this is a simple facelift, but as we get to know it we see the details they worked on. This is what we found out thanks to Twitter user Lori.

The special way to view progress in the Windows 11 taskbar

Before, in Windows 10, the progress of a task was displayed in the taskbar by filling the icon area with a green color resembling a progress bar. It had been with us for quite some time and it seemed a bit rude even though we rarely see it. But, in Windows 11, they also changed this way of notifying us as we mentioned.

Every day I find new cute little touches in Windows 11, like how an app’s activity indicator (photo: Origin) turns into a progress bar when it’s working on a task, like a download :

– Lori (@lorandkoncz) July 2, 2021

Instead of having a blue bar to indicate open icons, in Windows 11 we have this kind of dash below. However, the Origin icon is displayed as a progress bar when downloading a game. A different approach, more subtle and with much more style than its predecessor.

As we have said on other occasions, Windows 11 has a lot of details to work on, but its base is very interesting. We’ll see if the Redmond giant manages to deliver everything we saw during the presentation. In the meantime, we’ll continue to look for possible details that have gone unnoticed and are very interesting.

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