New Teams accessories will have their own app

Microsoft accessories have always been around, but the reality is that in recent years they have seen a substantial improvement. Already back then we had amazing designs with the Arc Mouse. However, they are now living their golden years. On the same day that the Surface Laptop 4 was unveiled, there were also countless accessories designed for the so-called modern workspace. Now these accessories will have an app to configure the different options.

Microsoft finalizes an application to manage its new accessories

Among the myriad of new devices introduced, we saw the Surface 2+ headphones, USB headphones, wireless headphones, USB-C speaker, and webcam. You can read more about these devices in the following link. Most of them are certified for teams and come with a dedicated team button. These accessories have been designed with the current home working situation in mind. And it’s also a subtle way to promote even more teams.

New information suggests that these devices will have a dedicated app to customize and control these accessories. Here are the screenshots of what appears to be the home screen of the supposed new accessory control app.

The application will be able to work with a series of devices, in particular: a USB headset, a speaker with USB-C connection, a wireless headset, a webcam and a USB link. Microsoft is reportedly currently testing the application and its functionality internally. When this is complete, the app will be available for download through the Microsoft Store.

However, it may be at least a while before we see it, as the accessories won’t hit the market until June of this year. It looks like the launch will be accompanied by some pleasant surprises as Microsoft is used to.

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