New US Army Goggles: The US Army manufactures high-tech eyewear, soldiers will be able to easily see beyond the “ wall ” – New US Army Goggles Integrated Visual Augmentation System allow soldiers to see through the walls of the battlefield

The most powerful US military in the world often makes new weapons to maintain its kingship. Now the US military is putting on such a high-tech show so that its infantry can easily see the outside world while seated in safety. As soon as this new equipment is included in the US military, soldiers will be able to understand the real conditions of the scene in a very short time. Often, soldiers heading to the battlefield depend on the small windows inside their armor to gain exterior movement. But, every soldier using this system can easily see the outside world. This system is called the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). This will be given to special forces conducting close combat operations such as insurgency, terrorism in the urban area, and soldiers entering and exiting tanks. The US military plans to order at least 40,000 pieces of this system as a preliminary order. With these integrated visual augmentation systems, soldiers will be able to see around the corners of homes, operations and operations sites, as well as other data that can be digitally mapped on their lenses.

The soldiers will be able to easily see through the wall

Thus, these glasses are powered by omnidirectional cameras mounted on the outside of armored vehicles. Therefore, a squad of six soldiers operating in a Bradley or Striker infantry vehicle could also see through the wall. Among soldiers, understanding of the scene will increase rapidly. The enemy can be easily eliminated with the right decision and a deadly attack. Sergeant Philip Bartel, of the U.S. Army’s 1-2 Striker Brigade Combat Team, reported that after wearing these glasses, no soldier would have been in a dangerous position outside of a car or d ‘an armored vehicle in enemy territory. We will get to know every action and situation outside by sitting inside. This will increase our ability to fight in multiple ways. This allows the commander sitting inside the vehicle to rotate his site and get real-time updates on the situation around him without having to step outside the security of the armored vehicles. Such information would reduce the number of casualties or losses of soldiers during a war or an encounter.

This specification will function as a fighter pilot’s heads-up display.

The design office designed the IVAS glasses to function in the same way as the head-up display of a fighter pilot. The fighter pilot obtains all the data of the aircraft on the screen of his helmet using his head-up display. Thanks to which it not only gets the information about the piloting of the aircraft in a short time, but also can target enemies easily. Likewise, these IVAS glasses will also work. In which this worn out soldier will get all the necessary information including maps, videos and night vision of the area on the helmet screen. Soldiers need a lot of data to work on the battlefield, although they retain a limited amount of data due to their equipment, ammunition, and other necessary equipment. Now, with the help of this new heads-up display, they will be able to access many types of battlefield data, modern, more accurate, and soon. On the battlefield, soldiers can take effective action using a digital card instead of a plastic laminated card in their pocket.

Scopes can be attached to rifle scope and micro drone

The great thing is that if the enemy is in front of their eyes, they can access all the data without looking away from it. These scopes can also use a rifle-mounted thermal imaging night vision scopes to tell their soldiers about positions all around. This scope is mounted on the rifle, with the help of which the soldier improves his target. Thanks to this technology, any soldier can easily monitor the situation there by returning their rifle safely to the battlefield. For that, he doesn’t even have to take off his blanket. With this, the soldier also gets information about the situation at that time and he can also be protected from the target of the enemy. Apart from that, these glasses can also be attached to micro drone cameras. Which soldiers can get information about the situation there without reaching the battlefield.

The US military will increase its strength on the battlefield

A 2020 report on the IVAS system describes how soldiers are evolving with this new technology. According to the U.S. Army’s Director of Operational Testing and Environment, soldiers wearing these goggles can quickly access all information in this area during war. Mechanized infantry, cavalry, and engineers all enter the battlefield via armored vehicles. They know where they’re being taken, they also know what to do after landing, but all of these soldiers often rely on a driver driving a screen or vehicle to let them know where they are in real time. When the vehicle stops on the battlefield, as soon as the ramp opens, the soldiers rush to go around the area and move towards a haven of peace. From there, they determine where the enemy is and what strategy needs to be adopted against him. But, thanks to this spectacle, now the soldiers sitting in the car can easily see the outside of the steel and iron armor. Which will give them a better idea of ​​the situation at that time.

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