New variant of coronavirus discovered in France may be hiding from nasal swab tests Covid 19: new strain of corona virus discovered in France

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The Corona virus, which started from Wuhan, China, is constantly taking new forms. A French Corona strain was found in France, which went into hiding on a swab while treating a case of 79 Corona cases in France, but many people were investigated.
The corona virus, which started in Wuhan, China, is constantly taking new forms. After Britain, Brazil and South African strains, a strain of the corona virus has now been found in France that hides and does not hang on when picked up through the nose. The French Ministry of Health reported on Monday that 79 corona cases have been reported in Brittany. From this, a new strain appeared in 8 patients, but many people tested negative during the investigation.

Symptoms of the corona virus have been seen in patients who test negative. This is not the first time that the Corona virus has stolen the tests. Finnish researchers have already announced that they have identified a Fin-796H strain that does not catch up, even when tested through the nose. At a time when the corona virus is spreading rapidly in Europe, the tension has increased dramatically as new corona strains are not captured.
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Several times mutations in the spike protein of the strain
The genetic code of the corona virus is usually detected during the RT-PCR test by taking a sample from the patient’s nose. According to the French Ministry of Health, genetic sequencing has revealed that advanced proteins from the corona virus strain found in Brittany have undergone multiple mutations. With this, he is not able to catch up with the tests by taking a swab from the nose.

Britney’s health officials have confirmed that some cases of the new strains have been investigated in all existing ways but are not catching up. He said this means this new strain of the corona virus is spreading throughout France and beyond without getting caught. Meanwhile, European company Novacyte Group has announced that its PCR test is successfully capturing new strains.

New strain of Corona virus arrives in France

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