New wave of Corona in indignant China, Beijing ban in Beijing – China sees new wave of covid-19 cases in Hebei province, ban on public transport

The new wave of Corona in China caused a stir once again. China, which claimed victory over Corona, had lifted restrictions on most of its cities a few days earlier. Even on the first day of the New Year, large-scale celebrations were held in many cities in China. These include the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, where photos of parties where the world has been caught in the ravages of Corona.

China’s Hebei Province now becomes the epicenter of Corona
Once again, during the new wave of Kovid-19, more than 380 cases of infection were reported in the capital Beijing, in southern Hebei Province. Health officials in Hebei said 40 new cases were confirmed as of Sunday morning, after which the total number of infected people rose to 223. There are no signs of infection in 161 people.

Ban people from Beijing to Beijing
China does not include the number of infected people who have been confirmed to be infected, but has no visible symptoms. The new cases in Hebei remain of concern due to their proximity to the capital Beijing. The movement of people between Hebei and Beijing has been banned. Those who want to travel to Beijing from Hebei must testify about their work in the capital before entering.

Public traffic was also closed
Most of the cases in Hebei were from the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, located about 260 kilometers southwest of Beijing. Some cases have also occurred in Shingtai City. Millions of people have been tested in the two cities, public traffic and taxis have been banned, and residents here are not allowed to go out for a week.

People returning from abroad are infected with corona
China’s National Health Commission previously reported on Sunday that 69 new cases had arisen a day earlier, of which 21 were those who had returned from overseas. China has also been accused of not yet making the actual data of those infected with Corona public.

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