New Xbox wireless headset, a top-notch headset at $ 99

Microsoft has been specializing in audio for quite some time. We’ve already seen how they have the quietest room in the world and this investment in audio has led them to create some great peripherals. Some are more successful than others, like the Surface headphones analyzed by Pablo Oraá. Now it’s Xbox’s turn with its first wireless headset headphones.

Xbox wireless headset, a high-end headset at a very attractive price

So, without a word or any prior announcements, the Xbox team announced the new wireless headset. With design touches inherited from the Surface headset such as volume control and with a more focused Xbox audience design.

From Microsoft, they said they’ve invested a lot of time not only in the design, but also in the feel of the headphones. The choice of ultra soft polyurethane leather. Its adjustable headband and with a perfect balance against weight and pressure.

In addition, Microsoft suggests that they are discreet but with green color details aligned with the Xbox brand. Another key aspect is the durability of its design. Everything has been thought out to get the most out of these headphones.

An interesting detail is that we can mix two audio sources simultaneously. This way we can talk on the phone while we continue to play Xbox.

For audio lovers, know that it supports spatial audio technologies such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X to have the best feeling while playing. It is not only a question of listening to us, but of doing so with the greatest fidelity.

The first thing that surprised us was its price. Headphones with good Bluetooth audio quality would cost much more. If we add to this the possibility of having two audio sources, the price would increase even more. However, the Xbox team has set a starting price of 99 euros and we can book them now.

New Xbox Wireless Headset

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