New York asteroid: a remnant of asteroid meteor has fallen over New York: a meteor has fallen to Earth in New York

Incidents of the passage of celestial rocks near the earth are common, but some of them occur that enter the atmosphere and fall to the ground. A similar incident occurred in the United States on Wednesday, where a meteorite exploded in southern Ontario. Entering the atmosphere, this rock rose up in such a way that even in the daytime it appeared clearly in the sky and its explosion shook the ground.

150 site reports

The American Meteor Society claimed to have received approximately 150 reports of meteor sightings in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario and Michigan. Bill Cook, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment bureau, said the meteorite was moving westward at a speed of about 56,000 miles per hour when it entered our atmosphere. (Photo: NOAA)

Disappear in the blink of an eye

After that, in central New York City, about 22 miles above the earth, it split in two, creating a sound boom. An eyewitness reported that he looked shiny in purple and green and was gone in the blink of an eye. People on social media said the sound was so loud that the house was shaken. Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society said he had no doubts it was a meteorite entering Earth’s atmosphere, nothing else could happen.

To Toronto

Part of an asteroid

Robert said: “It is rare to perform near a big city. Usually, they simply fall into the water. At the same time, Cook said the meteorite’s slow rate of penetration into the atmosphere suggests it may be the remaining part of an asteroid. The peculiarity is that in the space of a week, this second meteorite fall incident was detected. Previously, bolide had also fallen in a city in Japan which was filmed.

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