New Zealand Coronavirus Victory Secret: New Zealand Corona Virus Free, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Declared Victory ‘Secret’ – Coronavirus Free New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said declared secret of victory

New Zealand this year surprised all countries of the world by “putting an end to the corona virus”. Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern said on Wednesday that the desire to achieve the goal was as much as the fear. He said that we initially realized that the country’s health system would not be able to cope with this epidemic and that is what set our goal.

PM Jasinda said there were many difficulties in this path. In August, Jesinda had to defend herself against exaggerated claims by US President Donald Trump about the virus. Trump claimed at the rallies that the virus infection had increased again, saying: “Things are over for New Zealand.” everything is finished.’

Ardern said in reference to Trump’s comments that such a statement was a misrepresentation of the situation in New Zealand. There was no immediate comment from the White House on this. When the virus outbreak began in Europe, Ardern said countries were only considering two options. First immunity of the herd and stabilization of the infection rate by the corona virus.

The Prime Minister said New Zealand has chosen a different path. He said: “When we started, we felt that it was not possible to complete it completely, but our thinking quickly changed.” Only 25 patients have died from the corona virus in New Zealand, with a population of around 5 million, and by that time the infection has been completely controlled.

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