New Zealand Parliament: a country in the world where a child can be milk-fed in parliament, but cannot ask questions without a tie – New Zealand where a child can be milk-fed in parliament, but no member can ask questions without wearing a tie

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A New Zealand MP not wearing a tie, he was expelled from Parliament. A New Zealand parliamentarian could not ask questions without a tie. Two MPs were seen feeding the baby in Parliament two years ago.
In countries around the world, Parliament is called the temple of democracy. Not only are important laws passed in Parliament to rule the country, but the ruling and the opposition are also seen debating issues. But sometimes in these parliaments, strange movements of deputies also give rise to discussions. A similar case was seen in the New Zealand Parliament, where a tribal MP was kicked out for not wearing a tie. While in August 2019, the President of this Parliament sat down and weaned a child from the bottle.

Deputies expelled from Parliament for not wearing a tie
Members of the New Zealand Parliament can only ask questions by wearing a tie. President Trevor Mallard stopped twice when Maori Party MP Rawari Vetti attempted to ask questions two days ago. Rawari Vetti continued to ask her question even after being arrested for the second time. After which, the angry speaker ordered Vetti to leave Parliament immediately.

MP accused of crushing cultural identity
Rawari Vetti, after leaving Parliament, alleged that it was not simply a question of connection, but an attempt to crush cultural identity. He called the tie a colonial symbol, saying he could only wear a green stone medallion.

A warning was given earlier not to wear a tie
Debbie Nagreva-Packer, deputy leader of the Maori party in New Zealand’s parliament, herself wore a tie. He tried to persuade the speaker in the Rawari Vetti case, but his appeal was unsuccessful. Also last year, Rawari Vetti was warned that he would be expelled from Parliament if he did not wear a tie.

President Mallard was seen feeding the child in Parliament
In 2019, a photo of New Zealand Speaker of Parliament Trevor Mallard bottle-feeding the baby went viral. Seeing the baby of a wife of MP Tamati Coffee crying, he sat in his seat and fed two children. He himself shared the image of this incident.

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