New Zealand smoking ban: New Zealand smoking ban: New Zealand smoking ban

In an effort to reduce the number of people who lose their lives each year to tobacco, New Zealand has drawn up a plan to ban smoking for people born after 2004. The country intends to be completely free of tobacco. smoke by 2025. This step can only be taken in this direction. If this law is passed, the age of tobacco can be increased, cigarette filters can be banned, cigarettes can be sold in stores open to adults, and the amount of nicotine in tobacco can be reduced.

In New Zealand, 5 million people smoke every day out of a population of 5 million people. 4,500 people die each year. The country’s Associate Health Minister Dr Ayesha Veral says swift action is needed to achieve the goal of making the country smoke-free by 2025. If conditions remain the same, this goal will not be achieved.

Dr Veral says a smoke-free generation can be created when the sale of tobacco to young people under the age of 18 is banned from 2022. However, voices have also started to protest the move. The right-wing party argued that cutting back on nicotine would lead to more smoking. Apart from that, black marketing can also increase. At the same time, small stores can also suffer from it.

At the same time, people who have lost loved ones to cancer from smoking have said that the ban is very necessary and hope that the ban will eliminate tobacco from the country.

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