News and interests are starting to hit the Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft just announced a major new feature coming to PCs around the world with Windows 10 version 1909 and later in the coming weeks: the News & Interest widget. This shortcut will be located on the right side of our PC’s taskbar and will provide functionality similar to that of Google Discover on Android.

The News & Interests widget has been tested for the past few months on Windows Insider internal channels. Originally designed to be part of the big update that will arrive at the end of the year, Sun Valley, News and Interests will anticipate the rest of the news and start rolling out to all Windows 10 PCs that are in release. 1909 or later. .

News and interests: seeking the comfort of the Windows 10 user

News and areas of interest will show us in a single click news of great relevance to us, weather forecasts, stock information, traffic, sports results … We are faced with a functionality very similar to the one offered by the successful Google Discover on Android. In addition, you can see at a glance, without the need to click, the current weather from the taskbar accompanied by a beautiful icon according to the current weather situation.

Microsoft justifies the existence of this widget in that people are spending more and more time with their PCs working, learning, creating and having fun. The intention behind News and Interests is to save us time and help us be more productive. For this reason, it offers us, with just one click, information relevant to us that otherwise we would search the Internet through different web pages.

Customizable and designed for you

Of course, this is a customizable widget, so we can choose which cards are visible and which are not. Thus, if we are not interested in stock market information, we can deactivate the corresponding card. We can adjust the widget to show in the taskbar as a simple icon or an icon with text. We can speak to the “interest manager” to clarify what type of information we would like to receive and what we do not wish to receive. Of course, if we’re not interested in what this widget has to offer, we’ll have the option to turn it off.

This menu is built with web technologies and presents a very beautiful and neat aesthetic which, moreover, adapts according to whether one uses the light or dark theme of Windows 10. As it is an implemented web technology in the shell, none will be the necessary Windows update to start showing on our PC, but we will see it appear anytime over the next few weeks. What do you think? Are you going to use it?

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