News from America: what will be the first thing to do as soon as we become president of America, goodbye

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America is confident in its presidential victory, which Bidenbiden has told his people, his government’s top priority after victory.
Biden addressed his supporters on Saturday as victory in the US presidential election approached. Meanwhile, Biden has said it’s clear and believable that he will win the race for the White House. He also communicated his first priority to the people after winning the election. Biden admitted that the distance between the American people had increased due to the election. He called on people to be patient. He also said that after winning it is my responsibility to represent the whole country.

Biden won the election race
Biden, who is on the verge of securing 270 electoral college votes to win the presidential election, said: “We still don’t have the final victory announcement.” But, the numbers show it’s a… clear and believable story. We are going to win this race. In his brief Friday night speech, referring to ahead of his rival Donald Trump in four of the five important states in the counting of the votes, he said that it is enough to look at what has happened in the past 24 hours.

Biden will do it as soon as he becomes president
Biden has declared his preference after winning the election, saying he will announce his intention to control the Corona virus infection from day one of taking office as president. Biden is believed to have strict restrictions to prevent corona infection. Apart from that, they can also declare the mask mandatory in public places in America.

Secret Service increases security for Biden, officers stationed at election office

‘We are competitors, not enemies’
Biden said tensions in the country had risen dramatically since the election. We don’t have time for this battle of sharing. We can be rivals, but we are not enemies. He said the American people wanted a united country. He claimed people openly supported him to tackle issues such as the corona virus outbreak, the economy, climate change and institutional racism.

Biden says – We’ll win over 300 seats, Trump said – I can also say

Biden is way ahead of Trump in the count
It is estimated that Biden received 264 votes in electoral colleges, while Trump received 213 votes in electoral colleges. Trump followed Biden to Arizona by 38,455 votes. Likewise, Trump is behind 4,224 in Georgia, 22,657 in Nevada and 19,500 in Pennsylvania, but he leads in North Carolina by 76,587 votes.

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