News from Asian countries: China is preparing to open a new front in the North-East! An air base built 130 km from the Arunachal border

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China is killed in Ladakh from India; China is now preparing to open a new front in the northeast; the air base extends 130 km from the border of Arunachal Pradesh
China involved in Ladakh from India is now preparing to open a new front in Arunachal Pradesh. A recent satellite image revealed that China is expanding the Chamdo Bangda air base, 130 kilometers from the Arunachal border. A new runway for flying planes and new aprons for their maintenance are being built here.

Satellite image revealed
The open-source intelligence satellite image @detresfa_ shows how China is building a new runway for military use here at an elevation of 4,400 meters. This trail is located on the west side of the Yaku River. There was already a 5,500-meter runway at Chamdo Bangda Air Base. In addition, the length of the new runway that China is building is about 4,500 meters.

Can make a military deployment
The satellite image shows an apron designed for military use near the runway. China is believed to plan to deploy some of its troops and weapons to this border during the cold days. These construction activities started on this basis in June 2020 and are still continuing.

It’s not easy to fly here
This airport is located at such a height that it will not be easy for all planes to fly from here. The temperature here stays well below freezing in cold weather. Whereas, even on normal days, the strong wind, lack of oxygen and low air density make it difficult for planes to fly. In cold weather, the wind speed here rises up to 30 meters per second.

8 airfields in China near LAC
Open source intelligence analyst Detresfa posted a photo and shared details about the Chinese air base near LAC. It also provides information on aircraft deployed to the affected air base. Explain that China is weaker than India in terms of air power in this region due to its high altitude. While the Indian air base is in the lower area from where they can take action against China to their full potential.

The Chinese army is maneuvering near the open post of Ladakh, only the dragon soldiers are photographed!

China has activated these air bases

Unchaitanat de Ayrbessmudratl Vimancasi air base 4529 Fitje 11, JH-7, Yuevitaskurgn air base 10633 Fitnirmanadhinhotan air base 4672 Fitje-11, J-8, J-7, AWACS, Yuevisetula Fitje heliport 12017 Fitjankari Nhintensuhai heliportnichirman 1480 Fitjankari Nhinngari air base 14022 Fitje 11, UAV
Now China Prepares for War in West India, Shells and Bombs Stained by Warships
So, is China preparing for war?
In the past, Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a nationalist message on the anniversary of the Korean War. He said that we will never let anyone undermine national sovereignty, security and development interests. Jinping said that we will not allow anyone to infiltrate our country and divide our sacred homeland. If such a serious situation arises, the Chinese people will certainly fight back. It is believed that this statement by the Chinese president may relate to India, America or Taiwan.

Video: China prepares to surround India, maneuvers in Gulf of Aden

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