News from Asian countries: Chinese Chandrayaan returned to Earth after taking samples from the moon’s surface, excavated and collected – Chinese mission Chandrayaan collects sample from the moon

The Chinese Chandrayaan returned to Earth after taking samples of rocks and debris on the lunar surface. Government media reported that “Chang E5” landed in Sijiwang district of Inner Mongolia region on Thursday. The capsule first separated from its orbital module and jumped rapidly into Earth’s atmosphere.

China’s third vehicle
Two of Chang’e 5’s four modules reached the lunar surface on December 1, and they excavated and collected nearly two kilograms of samples. These samples were placed in sealed containers and transferred to the return module. “Chang E5” is the third Chinese vehicle to reach the lunar surface.

China’s recent campaign
This is a recent campaign to link China’s ambitious space program. The “Chang E4” sent as part of the expedition was the first vehicle to reach the other side of the moon. Previously, scientists had received samples from the moon via the Luna 24 spacecraft containing robots sent by the former Soviet Union.

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