News from Asian countries: Diwali will be ‘black’ without Chinese LED, Global Times mocked PM Modi’s call

The Chinese official newspaper Global Times mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for “Vocal for Local” just before Diwali. The Chinese newspaper claimed that the Prakash Parv Deepawali would turn “black” without the Chinese LED lights. Global Times said that despite the call from Indian authorities, there is a high demand for Chinese LED lights in India and many companies have to work overtime.

Global Times said, “Even after Indian authorities called for the localization of LED lights, Chinese exporters are leaving Indian producers behind in terms of quality, service and price on the Deepawali festival. Many Chinese producers have to work overtime as the Indian prime minister on Monday asked people to celebrate Diwali with the help of local produce.

The Chinese newspaper claimed that Chinese companies have been exploiting their full potential since October so that Deepawali’s orders can be fulfilled. A Chinese exporter, said Wang, “We have received export orders of thousands of units including India. Our production line has the capacity to produce lakh LED lighting every day. This is not enough for fulfill the order. We are increasing our capacity. ”

“ Without China’s LED light, this light will turn into darkness ”
According to the South China Morning Post report, India has imported LED lamps worth around Rs 10 billion in recent years. The Global Times quoted Chinese expert Kian Feng as saying that the Modi government was deliberately promoting the purchase of local products during Diwali to reduce its reliance on Chinese products.

Kian Feng said that this bet of the Modi government will not work because Chinese products are cheap and their quality is good. He said threateningly, “Deepawali is basically a symbol of light in India, but without LED light from China, this light will be turned into“ darkness. ”This is the reason why Indian consumers are fiercely buying the light. Chinese.

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