News from Asian countries: Mahathir Mohammed, retracted by a declaration “ right to kill French people ”

Kuala Lumpur
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has now turned around with his statement that he killed the Franciscans. He said his comments on the attacks by Muslim extremists in France have been misinterpreted. He also said he was also disappointed by the controversy. Explain that Mahathir wrote in his blog that Muslims have the right to be angry and to kill millions of people in France for the massacre committed by France in the past.

Twitter deleted Mahathir’s tweet
Twitter deleted the tweet containing Mahathir’s comment. The company claims that violence was glorified there. At the same time, the French digital minister asked the company to ban Mahathir on Twitter. He said he had a conversation with Twitter’s France manager about it.

He said in cleaning
Mahathir said in a statement that I am disappointed with the misrepresentation of myself and the attempts to distort what I wrote on the blog. Critics did not read the following lines, in which he wrote that large numbers of Muslims have yet to adopt a look-in-the-eye policy. They don’t do that. The French people either. On the contrary, France should teach its people to respect the feelings of others.

Targeting on Twitter-Facebook
He said Twitter and Facebook deleted his statement even after clarification. He called the social media companies’ decision hypocritical. He said that on the one hand, he stands up for those who make objectionable caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad and expects all Muslims to blindly accept him in the name of free speech. On the other hand, he deliberately deleted the statement that Muslims in the past never spoke of revenge.

Mahathir made 14 tweets
Mahathir tweeted a total of 14 tweets on Twitter. In this he spoke of discrimination against Muslims and said that for the atrocities committed against France in the past, Muslims have every right to kill millions of French people.

All right to kill French citizens
In this, referring to the brutal murder of French teacher Samuel Petty by a Chechen student, he wrote: “Muslims have a right to be angry. They have every right to kill millions of French citizens for the massacre of the past. But so far Muslims have not passed from one eye to the other. France must teach its citizens to take care of the feelings of others.

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