News from Asian countries: Muslim community outraged against France, violent protests in many countries – violent protests against France in many Muslim countries on Emmanuel Macron’s comment

There have always been protests in several countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon, against French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on Islamic terrorism. Thousands of Muslims took to the streets on Friday to protest against France. The President of France has decided to protect the right of expression regarding the printing of the Prophet’s caricatures. Since then, protests have taken place in Muslim countries.

Violent demonstration in Pakistan, lathicharge
The protest turned violent in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, when nearly 2,000 people attempted to reach the French embassy. Police fired tear gas and used batons to disperse the protesters. Protesters shouted slogans and blocked roads in Lahore, Pakistan. Protesters in Multan burned the effigies of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Protesters clash with Israeli police in Jerusalem
In Jerusalem, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated against macros outside the Al Aqsa Mosque. He shouted slogans during the demonstration that we would sacrifice for the Prophet Muhammad. Some young people clashed with the Israeli police in the old town. Police said they dispersed the crowd and detained three people.

50 thousand people took to the streets in Dhaka
About 50,000 people attended the protest in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and burned the macro image. People shouted slogans to stop racism and hatred against Islam, and called for a boycott of French products. People also demonstrated in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

The flag of France was also burned in Afghanistan
Members of the Islamic Hajb-e-Islami party also burned the French flag in Afghanistan. From Bangladesh, Pakistan to Kuwait, the call to boycott French products has been gaining momentum since last week. Campaigns are also being carried out against France on social networks. Turkey has also severely criticized France.

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