News from Asian countries: Partition within the ruling Communist Party in Nepal! Then face to face PM Oli and Prachanda – Nepal PM Kp Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Latest tension updates, ruling Nepalese Communist Party could be split

Strong points:

In Nepal again, tensions between PM KP Sharma Oli and party chairman Prachanda were stirred over the expansion of the cabinet and leaders of other factions in other organs unhappy with the future of the Nepalese Communist Party. in power;
Tensions escalated again between Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and ruling party chairman Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda. The Dahal group accused Prime Minister Oli of taking unilateral decisions without mutual consultation and consensus. It is said that Oli and Dahal called a party meeting on Saturday, during which the tension between the two leaders increased. After that, the two leaders called separate meetings of their respective groups.

Dahal informed leaders of party split
Pushp Kamal Dahal, chairman of the ruling Nepalese Communist Party, called a meeting of his group on Sunday evening. During this, he informed the leaders of the possible split in the party. At the same time, Prime Minister Oli made it clear that he would not call a meeting of party secretaries. They also said they would not follow any committee decisions taken by a two-thirds majority.

PM Oli also warned to break the party
Prime Minister Oli warned that they would be forced to take strict action against any conspiracy. He also clarified that if we cannot work together, we will be forced to take a different path. With this, the possibility of partition of the ruling party in Nepal began to increase. The Communist Party has a majority in 6 of the 7 provinces of Nepal.

The threat to the existence of the Communist Party has increased
On Sunday, Bishnu Prasad Paudel, general secretary of the Nepalese Communist Party and head of the Ministry of Finance, said his party faced serious danger of existence. He said, “At this moment, a serious crisis has arisen in the face of the integrated and indivisible existence of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). I call on all leaders, cadres and fellow members to contribute to the preservation of the party unity. ” Give

Oli-Prachanda continued to fight for power and Nepal became the stronghold of Corona

What caused the increased stress
Ollie reshuffled his cabinet in October without Prachanda’s consent. He appointed many people to many committees inside and outside the party without speaking to other leaders. Other than cabinet positions between the two leaders, there was no consensus between the two factions on the appointment of ambassadors and various constitutional and other positions.

Speculation about political change is escalating in Nepal, why are speculations learned?

Dahl wanted to make her special as Home Secretary
Prime Minister Oli wanted to change the portfolio of some leaders in his cabinet and make him a minister again, but Prachanda was firmly against it. Prachanda wanted the post of interior minister of the country to be given to Janardan Sharma. In addition, Dahal wants the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to be assigned to one of its leaders.

Nepalese: disputes erupted again in Oli-Prachanda, fight continues for cabinet seats

Conspiracy to remove Ollie under the pretext of winter session!
Nepal’s main opposition party, the Nepalese Congress, is also calling for the winter session of Parliament to be called as soon as possible. He says this will allow a debate on the situation arising from the Corona virus in the country. At the same time, many people claim that the Nepalese Congress is calling this session a conspiracy. His real motive is to join the rebel leaders of the ruling Nepalese Communist Party in bringing forward a motion of no confidence against the Oli government. So that Oli can be kicked out of power.

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