News from Asian countries: ‘terrible’ storm knocked out in Philippines, four killed, 10 lakh saved – Typhoon Goni hits Philippines with wind speeds of 225 km / h Latest updates, many people have died

The world’s most powerful hurricane, Goni, hit the Philippines on Sunday. For this reason, four people have died so far due to heavy rains and high winds. Nearly a million people were evacuated from places falling in the path of the storm, including the capital Manila. Manila International Airport has also been closed.

Wind 280 km / h
Ricardo Jalad, the head of the government disaster response agency, said many people were in dangerous areas following the storm. We are subject to large-scale damage. Hurricane Goni hit Cataduanis province in the morning with winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour, and those winds also moved at an average of 280 kilometers per hour. This is equivalent to a category five storm.

Hurricane moving towards the populated area
The storm is now moving to the more densely populated western regions, including Manila. It will pass through areas that had been damaged by the storm a week earlier and at least 22 people have died. People have also died after the storm hit, in which one person died in Alabi province under a fallen tree, but authorities say they are still verifying those details.

News from many killed
Albay province governor Al Francis Bichara said during a meeting with senior disaster response officials that at least two people have died in his province from the Myon volcano mudslides. This put the lives of the villagers in danger. However, other officials said they were still investigating the matter. This meeting was broadcast on television.

The next 24 hours are important for the Philippines
The Philippines Meteorological Agency has forecast high winds and torrential rains for the next 12 hours. Experts have said this storm will hit Manila in the extremely densely populated Manila on Sunday evening or Monday morning. He asked people to prepare for the worst situation. About 1,000 Kovid-19 patients in the capital were evacuated from isolated tambunuma settlements to hospitals, hotels or treatment centers and the northern Balkan provinces.

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