News from Asian Countries: Why Chinese Official Media Target BJP? Says India will lose war with us – Why Chinese media around the world is targeting BJP, says India will lose war with China

China’s official spokesperson, Global Times, constantly targets the BJP these days. Chinese media even predicted India’s defeat in the war, citing the statement by Uttar Pradesh BJP State President Swatantra Dev Singh. Global Times wrote in its article that Swatantra Dev Singh claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already decided when India will fight China and Pakistan.

Claim – China’s strength is more than India
The Chinese government spokesperson further wrote that this claim by Swatantra Dev Singh misinterpreted the minds of the Indian people. They think India is so powerful that if it goes to war with China and Pakistan it will definitely win. However, he failed to mention that China’s military strength and national strength are superior to India’s.

“ India will lose to China in the war ”
The Global Times wrote that India is definitely a major political power. But if he goes to war with China, he will be forced to lose. Not only that, the Global Times further wrote that India must send a gesture of goodwill to China instead of resorting to unbridled attitudes and steadfast nationalist sentiments.

Intended for Dev Dev Singh
Chinese state media further wrote that the BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh did not represent the official position of the Indian government led by the BJP. Nor is he in charge of military or governmental affairs. They were talking about war with China to gain power.

Questions Raised About BJP Leadership
Global Times questioned the party’s operational effectiveness in the face of the defeat of the BJP. The article indicates that at the end of 2018, the BJP lost power in five states: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Swatantra Dev Singh did not help restore BJP’s reputation but tries to play the heat of the day without thinking about the consequences.

China now gives knowledge by diffusing Corona
China is now talking about knowledge by spreading the corona virus around the world. The Global Times wrote that if India is to win a battle, it should focus its attention on the corona virus. The article laments that India suffered a bad defeat in the Corona case. India ranks second in the world for coronavirus infections.

In the past, BJP was targeted
The Global Times has also reacted strongly to the publication of Taiwan National Day posters by Delhi BJP chief Tajinder Bagga outside the Chinese embassy. The Global Times had said it was like playing with fire and could worsen the already deteriorated relationship between India and China. Not only that, government media further wrote that the ruling BJP in India should stop behaving like a jerk and understand that they are playing with fire.

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