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Lady Dimitrescu has many faces: antagonist of the latest opus in Capcom’s horror series, descendant of serial killer Elizabeth Bathory or even character played by Maggie Robertson and Helena Mankowsa … most recently, who revealed a little surprise on his Instagram account. If there’s anyone that has been talked about since the unveiling of Resident Evil Village, it’s Lady Dimitrescu or Countess Alcina Dimitrescu by name. With its 2 meters 90 high and generous shapes, it must be said that the antagonist of the last Resident Evil does not go unnoticed, as does the woman who inspired it, the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory. According to the Guinness World Records, this Countess holds the title of Most Productive Murderous Woman. There would be no fewer than 600 victims who would actually have tortured and severely maimed Elizabeth Bathory, most of them barely ten years old. According to legend, she bathed in the blood of her victims to preserve youth and beauty. In the game, it was Maggie Robertson and Helena Mankowsa who brought this legend to life. The latter recently wanted to thank the fans and satisfy the most curious.

The best cosplay?

Indeed, if Helena Mankowsa only lends her face to Lady Dimitrescu, we had never seen her in the costume of the already famous Countess. It’s done now. In fact, the actress recently posted several photos on her Instagram account in which she is dressed and made up like the evil giant. She even made a short video in the same disguise. Suffice it to say that the result is stunning! From then on, to say this is the best Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, it’s just one step, despite the very good work that dozens of cosplayers have already done to bring this standout Resident figure to life . Also read: By meakaya, Writing MP

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