News of the S-500 missile system: All tests of the new Russian S-500 “Brahmastra” have been completed, now the American F-35 fighter plane is not doing well

Russia has completed all tests of the world’s most advanced missile defense system, the S-500. Major General Sergei Babakov of the Russian Air Force Missile Troops said that all rounds of tests, including the launch of combat missiles from the new generation S-500 air defense system, have been carried out. The S-500 missile system is manufactured by the Russian arms company Almaz-Antey Corporation. This is the same company that produced the S-300 and S-400 before it. This system, considered the most advanced in the world, will soon be deployed in the Russian army. Russia claims that even enemy stealth fighter jets will not be able to escape the sophisticated radar of this system. In such a situation, Putin’s announcement for America can be worrisome. In fact, America claims that no radar in the world can catch its F-35 fighter plane. Not only that, but America is also concerned that Russia will sell this system to its enemy countries in the coming days. The S-500 defense system is also called Prometey.

Russian major general explained the strength of the S-500

Speaking to Russian media outlet Krasnaya Zvezda last week, Major General Babakov explained that the S-500 was developed for the purpose of shooting down medium-range ballistic missiles. He also claimed that this anti-aircraft and anti-missile system was developed as a whole new generation weapon. If necessary, this system can destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in the last stages of their flight path. Additionally, the S-500 is capable of destroying hypersonic aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Babakov said the S-500 air defense system is capable of destroying all types of hypersonic weapons, even air targets in low space. This is to say with confidence that this missile system is unique, he said.

S-500 missile will become enemy call up to 600 km away

The S-500 missile system can shoot down enemy ballistic missiles at a distance of 600 km and planes at a distance of about 500 km. This Russian military official said that during the tests, targets equipped with modern aerospace attack weapons or technical specifications with more advanced capabilities were targeted. According to the major general, the crew of the S-500 missile system honed their skills by intercepting small flying objects at low altitude and low speed. These soldiers tracked high-altitude, high-speed targets and successfully eliminated them during training. It also gave these soldiers the technology to track down and shoot down enemy hypersonic missiles.

S-500: An upgrade to the S-400 or a brand new weapon?

In December last year, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko revealed that Voronezh’s S-500 missile system and long-range early warning radar could enter service as early as 2021 after having finished testing. These long-range early warning radars are the backbone of any missile defense system. Three Voronezh family radars monitor Russian airspace against ballistic missile and aircraft attacks. These include the first Voronezh-M (metric band), the second Voronezh-DM (decimeter band) and the third Voronezh-SM (centimeter band). These three radars operate on a single system whose main objective is to accurately measure the enemy target and transmit its information to the operator.

The S-500 will join the Russian military by the end of this year

Lt. Gen. Andrei Yudin, deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Force, said in an interview in December 2020 that Russia will complete its work on the world’s most advanced S-500 anti-aircraft missile system in 2021. He has said in the Russia Today conversation that work on the development of the S-500 mobile air defense system and anti-ballistic missiles will be completed in 2021. The most advanced and advanced technology-based anti-missile system ever used in Russian arms. Only last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced a gradual test of an advanced missile defense system.

The S-500 is capable of shooting down the American F-35

Russia claims its S-500 defense system is capable of downing American F-35 fighter jets as well. At the same time, America claims its F-35A fighter jet is equipped with stealth technology. Which cannot be traced by any radar. Russian officials have also said that thanks to this missile defense system, any enemy satellite in low orbit can also be destroyed. You might as well say that most military satellites or Earth observation satellites that monitor the ground are in low orbit.

The S-500 has a more advanced range than the S-400

The S-500 defense system is developed on the basis of the S-400. It is believed that in addition to the 77N6 series of missiles, many other missiles will also be deployed in the S-500 defense system. This missile will also be installed in the new version of the S-400 to destroy the enemy ballistic missile. The system will have a maximum range of 600 km, which will be able to respond in 3 to 4 seconds. The missile of this system will cover a distance of 200 km in 6 seconds less than the S-400. He can also take responsibility for the phase at which the enemy missile is to be shot down. Immediately after launch, at a distance or on approach. If the missile is destroyed during the boost phase, then its debris and ash will not cause any damage. It has four types of missiles. One missile has a range of 600 km, another of 250 km, the third of 120 and the fourth of 40 km.

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