HMM Collaborates with Oracle to develop smart shipping 9418
Roshni Vayyapuri
May 17, 2018 at 4:04 PM

To accelerate the transformation of the shipping industry shipping companies are collaborating with tech giants like Oracle.

Hyundai merchant marine (HMM) announced partnered with California based software company Oracle. The major aim of this collaboration is to store HMM’s data to the cloud. They were in search of a global tech partner from the beginning of this year so as to migrate its data servers to a cloud-based system and to implement Blockchain technology to the shipping platform. Sources reveal that according to a spokesperson from the company, Yoo Chang-Keun insisted for collaboration as implementing this technology. Oracle perfectly fitted into the criteria which the company ideated.

By 2020, HMM is hoping to completely transfer all the data to the cloud. Presently they are in the process of developing an optimal cloud-based infrastructure with its tech partner. Even after shifting the data to the cloud, physical servers will be used for minimum level of data will be stored at the Seoul office

By transferring all data to the cloud-based system will improve safety and the cost-effectiveness to manage data. Employees are allowed with full visibility of information across the company from every part of the world.

Both the companies will also cooperate on applying Internet of Things and blockchain technology to shipping as well. Both the technologies are tested by global transport and logistics companies to track containers and the goods in the containers in real-time. Also, the information will be shared on the supply chain.

Before the partnership with Oracle, HMM tested two technologies by being a part of a consortium organized by IT services company Samsung SDS. Samsung claimed that the amount of paperwork, manual efforts and time needed for sharing data can be considerably reduced between the parties.

Numerous attempts are made by countries across the globe to make the shipping and logistics industries smarter. Many counties are currently researching about the self-navigation and unmanned driving technology for ships. The EU is currently researching about a project named “Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks,” which targets to develop the concept for autonomous ships.


Image source: Shutterstock