Alexander Vinnik, a Bitcoin fraud & BTC-e owner to be deported to Russia: Greek Supreme Court 22340 Alexander Vinnik detained by the cops
Ashmita Dutta
Sep 4, 2018 at 8:06 PM

Alexander Vinnik, the alleged owner of BTC-e exchange platform will soon be expelled to Russia, as per Supreme Court of Greece ruling. A news media outlet in Russia, namely, RIA Novosti  on 4th September has made the revelation of the declaration. Vinnik has previously been involved in a fraud, money laundering case involving Bitcoin and is currently, sent to Russia for encountering charges of cyber fraudulence.

The Supreme Court decision of extraditing Vinnik to Russia will be legally issued on 14th September, 2018. On this very day, itself the decision will come into effect. At the time of hearing, the Court will take into consideration the appeal of France regarding the deportation of Vinnik. RIA has reported that Vinnik has given his consent to the banishment to Russia.

According to the attorney of the BTC-e owner, the issue "is now up to politicians and their will.” The three major nations including Russia, U.S. and France are in a dispute regarding the venue at which he will be extradited. In the past, a number of courts in Greece have given their decision favouring all the three nations. However, the authority to make final decision lies with Greek Minister of Justice.

Last year in July, the Greek cops arrested him since he was convicted of money laundering and cryptocurrency fraudulent activities that involved Bitcoin worth $4billion. U.S. Department of Justice has been the body to convict him of the charges. Later on, Vinnik was charged by France with, “defraud[ing] over 100 people in six French cities between 2016 and 2018”.

At the crucial moment, the government of Russia intervened and put forward its demand of sending backing the Russian citizen to his homeland. In a last year report of RIA, Vinnik in his homeland is accused of the fraudulent cases amounting 667000 rubles.

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