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Priyanka Babu
Jul 9, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Fuel Bros is launching a game on Ethereum blockchain which intends to bring e-sports on the blockchain. Fuel bros is a blockchain startup based in Singapore is founded by Sydney-based brothers James and Robbie Ferguson. The company aspires to improve the current generation of blockchain games. They hope the novel idea of an e-sports game on Blockchain will transform digital asset ownership in the video-gaming world.

Fuel bros is widely acclaimed for their first project Etherbots. Etherbots is a decentralized platform for collecting, building, and dueling virtual robots on the Ethereum network. With Etherbots, users can buy and sell parts for their bots on the Etherbots marketplace, and use those parts to make more powerful creations. Etherbots is acclaimed for beating Cryptokitties in their daily transactions. Cryptokitties is a popular collectibles game on the blockchain.

In an interview with AFR, Fuel Bros co-founder Robbie Ferguson said he believes that games are prepped to move onto the blockchain since gamers are comfortable with “non-tangible assets having value.” He said, ”Gamers are already used to the idea of non-tangible assets having value… People are staking their livelihoods on these digital assets and third-party content on games.

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Gods Unchained

The new game named Gods Unchained is designed for a multi-player experience. According to the Australian Financial Review, the game is free to play and will contain a set of free assets that can be won in the game. However, it will also sell some assets to be used in the game, which will be given added value by limiting the number available.  Gods Unchained will be launched tonight. The intention is that users will also be able to exit the game at any point and either earn back or get a return on their investment by selling their in-game purchases.

The Fergusson brothers have attracted $2.4 million in funding for their venture, with Continue Capital and Nirvana Capital leading the seed round. Sora Ventures and Coinbase also took part in the funding. Ferguson said that “The round was oversubscribed within two days of us touching ground,”

The revenue potential for in-game and in-app purchases are immense. A popular game called 'Fortnite' made $US269 million in revenue in the month of April. Allen Hsu of Continue Capital said gaming often became the first "killer applications" on new technology platforms. He said that”We believe advancements made by Fuel Games will have a widespread impact, and we also feel there is a possibility that they will produce killer applications within the blockchain industry,"

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