Apple withholds crypto collectibles from Coinbase Wallet 22103
Madhurima Roy
Aug 31, 2018 at 11:00 AM

As reported by CoinDesk, an official from Coinbase told Cartified: "Quick heads up – we will be removing from the iOS version as we're not able to highlight dapps that facilitate purchase of digital goods."

Cartified is a software startup that works on distributed ledger technology solutions for the automotive industry, and is also responsible for War Riders.

No more crypto collectibles for Apple users

Apple and its association with cryptocurrencies hasn’t been much of a smooth journey through out. It is not the first time that Apple has halted cryptocurrency transactions on Coinbase. It also removed a game that helped users to earn Bitcoins for playing. With regards to the present scenario, both the companies haven't made any official statement.

Highlighting similar experience with Apple, Viktor Radchenko, the CEO of Trust Wallet, said: “Apple is not happy with digital goods. They told us to remove all digital good dapps or Trust Wallet would be remove from the App Store within two weeks.”

He further told CoinDesk: "Experience with Apple is just terrible. No communication from there on how to work with NFT's or even with cryptocurrencies.”

However, there is no instruction in Apple’s app store that prohibits non-fungible tokens or NFTs.



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