Ashton Kutcher Announces 4million Donation in XRP to Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund 9788
Sharat Chandra
May 23, 2018 at 7:51 PM

Ashton Kutcher, Hollywood actor, is known for his tech savvy investments more than the part he plays in movies. His love for tech has influenced his movie-making decisions too. In the year 2013, he acted in the biography of iconic Apple Founder, Steve Jobs. The movie called "Jobs" fared decently at the box office, and Kutcher was lauded for his craft.

Ashton has invested in a variety of tech companies. He started with putting his money in Uber, the ride-sharing app and moved on to being the founder of A-Grade Investments. A-Grade Investments is a venture capital firm founded in 2010 by actor Ashton Kutcher, entertainment manager Guy Oseary, and billionaire investor Ron Burkle to invest in technology start-up companies strategically. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Ashton has now teamed up his buddy Guy Oseary and has invested in Sound Ventures. Sound Ventures has invested in Ripple. Guy Oseary has an enviable clientele with names like Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer and U2's Bono.

Ashton Kutcher has been friends with Ellen for many many years. Guy Oseary shares an amazing rapport with Ellen too. Ashton and Guy Ashton appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show and surprised her by donating 4 million in XRP(Ripple) to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund was set up to enhance global conservation efforts for critically endangered species. Creating a permanent home for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is the first initiative of the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund. This project will permanently secure the future of wild gorillas in Rwanda by building on successful field conservation efforts while empowering the people living near the gorillas to thrive in relationship to their own ecosystem.

Ashton Kutcher got rid of the rigmarole of getting a giant cheque of donation to Ellen on her show. He just pushed a button on his smartphone, and the contribution was done. Ashton and Guy should be lauded for supporting causes of wildlife conservation. After Ashton, who could be next? It's time billionaires should loosen their purse strings for environment and wildlife conservation causes. Ashton has shown the way, and it remains to be seen if more Hollywood stars can lead by example.

Image via Xania News

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