Athena Blockchain joins hands with broker dealer 303 Alternatives 21809 US Securities and Exchange Commission
Rakesh Ranjan Parashar
Aug 28, 2018 at 2:00 AM

According to a press release, Athena Blockchain, a startup investment firm focused on tokenized investment products has announced its decision to partner with 303 Alternatives LLC, a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulated broker dealer to allow marketing and placements of its offerings in accordance with U.S. regulations.

This planned partnership puts the Chicago-based company on a firmer footing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and gives it the freedom to offer both traditional investment banking services and a broad range of blockchain-based services.

Paving the way for a brighter future

The step will pave the way for the company to tap into the market of the registered broker 303 Alternatives LLC to operate its contemplated U.S. oriented services in a regulatory compliant manner.‎

This topic has acquired greater significance after the SEC made it clear that any digital token with an income stream will be considered a security and if any entity wants to become an ATS it needs to register with the SEC as a broker dealer. It also needs to become a member of a self-regulatory body like FINRA.

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With offices in Chicago, Miami, and Santa Monica, Athena Blockchain provides investment banking, structuring, and advisory services to issuers, sponsors, and promoters of securities by leveraging its deep legal, compliance, technical, and financial experience to structure offerings and provide access to capital markets. Now, Athena Blockchain will expand its capabilities and provide compliant investment banking and structuring to the marketing and placement of tokenized investment products by operating under the oversight of the SEC and FINRA.

"With the addition of 303, Athena can help clients achieve their financial goals by issuing private and public securities in both tokenized and traditional formats," said Founder & CEO Eric Gravengaard. "Coupling 303 Alternatives' investment banking experience with Athena's considerable advisory and marketing capabilities, enables us to provide an unbeatable combination of experience, knowledge, and access to capital markets for securities issuers."

Michael Savini, Managing Principal and President of 303, said "joining forces with Athena is exciting for us and our clients. Our existing clients will now have unparalleled access to the cryptocurrency and digital assets markets. We are excited about the future and the additional services we can now provide."

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