Australia to soon own its first renewable energy-powered data center to mine Bitcoin 20700
Madhurima Roy
Aug 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Australia is going to see its first renewable energy-powered data center very soon, as Australian data center operator- DC Two and cryptocurrency firm- D Coin have come together to turn the mutual dream into reality. They have signed agreements with Hadouken Pty, so it can deliver power and property.

Technology news provider of Australia, IT Brief, reported that the data center is under construction at Collie, which is the site of Hadouken’s solar farm. The site is 200 kilometres South of Perth, in Western Australia.

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The Bitcoin mining

DC Two is anticipating that the initial stages of the solar farm and data center will be ready by early 2019. The company also stated that the Collie site “brings together many factors enabling us to provide globally competitive power to our customers, whilst adding much needed local demand for baseload power for the existing coal mines and power generators in the region”.

Specific hosting zones have been designated to support the mining of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies and for traditional IT workloads.

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The utilities of the data center

The 'behind the grid' data center that focuses on renewable energy, has been designed to be cost effective and have the highest density data center in the country. It will have globally competitive power rates, configurations that are tailored for low-cost crypto mining up to fully redundant traditional data center configurations, communications options of 10gbps, etc.

Talking about the cost-effectiveness, DC Two said: “By providing customized low cost hosting options specifically engineered for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining at globally competitive rates, DC Two & D Coin have been able to attract the interest of both the local and international crypto mining community.”

“This is very important for the state and the country as it enables us to provide another export product by hosting and supplying power to international customers in the Collie data center, who might have otherwise located their equipment overseas.”


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