Baidu Utilizes blockchain to enhance security of its web-based encyclopedia Baidu Baike 10146
Roshni Vayyapuri
May 29, 2018 at 3:30 PM

China’s largest search engine Baidu Baike has announced that they are using blockchain technology to record entries, revision histories aimed to bring more transparency and traceability to the online contents of their search engine.

Baidu Baike is a Chinese-language, collaborative, web-based encyclopedia owned and developed by the Chinese search engine Baidu. Its test version was released on 20 April 2006, and within three weeks the encyclopedia had grown to more than 90,000 articles, surpassing the number in Chinese Wikipedia. As of January 2018, Baidu Baike has more than 15.1 million articles.

Users can view historical versions of entries on Baidu Baike with references to blockchain information. The blockchain information consists of a blockchain value, amendment time, person who made the amendment and block height.

They haven’t announced publicly, but whenever someone searches on the encyclopedia, it shows that every item’s previous revisions are now stored on a distributed ledger with specific hash value.

The service provided by Baidu’s own blockchain platform. But the time of the revision, name of the contributor and other particular information cannot be obtained from the hashed data.

Anyone can make edits and changes just like Wikipedia but with enough proofs and sources. The major aim is to increase the credibility and transparency in the online content search.

In January they launched their own blockchain service platform. after that Baidu moved to trial various other blockchain-based applications such as CryptoKittiesknock-off and most recently a blockchain-based stock photo service.


Image source: Baidu Baike