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Ashmita Dutta
Aug 27, 2018 at 9:00 PM

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is emerging as the favourite cryptocurrency for the poker players having a significant presence online. The world of gambling is mostly regulated by misleading guidelines implemented by the government. This enables to keep a track of the expenditure from the money earned through gambling. In order to safeguard themselves from the eyes of law, the gamblers are more inclined towards Bitcoin Cash [BCH] than any other digital currency.

Blockchain technology has an extensive application and in the dark gambling world, it finds one. The feature of anonymity associated with this advanced form of technology greatly appeals to the online pokers. Currently, in the listing of cryptocurrencies in the Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] occupies the fourth position after it experienced an upgrade in May.

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This particular digital token seems to have more potential than other cryptocurrencies. In May, the upgrade has significantly risen the block size to the level of 32 MB. Along with this, OP codes have also been increased for improving its functionality. The superior mark of "atomic bet" has already been achieved by the advanced and upgraded functionality of Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. This, indeed, serves as a fundamental reason for the gamblers to get convinced with this cryptocurrency.

Statement of a popular personality from gambling industry

A prominent personality in the gambling sphere known as Jonas Odman has described Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as "the neteller for online poker players". Neteller happens to be a famous platform which backed by the merchants for electronically transferring money. In the opinion of Odman, they are hopeful about increasing the acceptance of  Bitcoin Cash [BCH] due to its affordability and speedy cashing out mechanism.

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Using Bitpay, Global poker is working towards the addition of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to the platform. This is because Global poker, a prominent name in the world of gaming has a positive notion about digital currencies and thinks that cryptocurerncies have the potential to change the scenario. The gigantic size of the online gambling industry will facilitate greater adoption of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] by the players, thereby, automatically increasing its scalability.

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