Bitcoin Cash wallet with new Update: Mainnet BETA for Android 11447
Shrestha Purohit
Jun 4, 2018 at 10:38 AM

Bitcoin Cash Wallet with the latest update is out now. Handcash, Bitcoin Cash Wallet which was launched on 10Th February this year by HandCash Technology released new update on June 2nd.

This updated version of the Handcash Bitcoin wallet will ease the payment transfers and enables NFC payments. Update also simplifies transection process with specified address.

The best attribute of the Handcash wallet is its NFC feature (Near Field Communication) payment system. With this feature people can transfer cash through this app easily. The wallet does not require any specific QR codes or wallet address for the transaction.

This update takes only one step further; this shows that using this app is the same as when you are handling cash. The transaction happens in a couple of seconds. This showed evidence to make the using of this app is same as you are handling cash.

The Bitcoin app’s BETA phase was released in February and developers are working on it. The developers want to make users aware that the app is still in BETA phase. It will remain so till the paper work is complete

Initially, people were facing issues related to log in when they were trying to install the app. With the update, the issue is now resolved.

With the new update, the backup of the wallet can be taken in Google drive. With this, the recovery has become easier.

0xHUEHUE, a Reddit user showed sceptical and siad:

” This looks pretty much like square cash except yellow. Nice job though. “

John Goldberg replied to the announcement on Twitter,

“First transaction for the Philippines!! Post your countries and transactions. HandCash global. Great job on the new application!”


Image via ShutterStock

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