Bitcoineta: crypto awareness program by Argentinian Non-profits

Bitcoineta: crypto awareness program by Argentinian Non-profits 11969
Ashmita Dutta
Jun 5, 2018 at 11:57 AM
Bitcoineta” is a crypto awareness program conducted by the non-profit organisations in Argentina. The Argentinian organisations, involved in this noble cause Bitcoineta, for spreading awareness on cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin Americana and Bitcoin Argentina. This crypto news is reported by Infobae, a local news media on 4th June, 2018. Previously, BCFocus has reported about the acceptance of bitcoin by Argentina's bank, Banco Masventas for international payment.
The name of the campaign is derived from the dominant digital currencyBitcoin” and a Spanish name denoting minivan called “camioneta.” The two words when juxtaposed form the word Bitcoineta implying a minivan ride to promote awareness on cryptocurrenciesThe two non-profitable organisations have jointly bought Bitcoin displayed minivan to make a tour to Argentinian and Latin American regions.


The primary motive of Bitcoineta is to travel to different towns and reach out to the Argentinian crypto enthusiasts. The van enables the promotion of knowledge and awareness pertaining to cryptocurrencies among the people.
Gabriel Kurman, the founder of this initiative stated that the primary concern of Bitcoineta is to “show people how they can take advantage” of virtual currencies. His intention behind this project is to reach out to all the towns and villages of Argentina.
The comfort during the tour is taken care by providing all the necessary amenities in the minivan . The provision of the basic requirements would help to tour the entire nation, in general and Latin America, in particular. It is also supplemented by a projector to display movies and informative presentations based on cryptocurrencies.
The first destination of Bitcoineta has been Chascomus situated at a distance of 120 kilometers from Agentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. On 1st June, 2018, the van reached the venue and informed the natives about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Once the van completes its task in Buenos Aires, it would be heading towards Cordoba, La Pampa and Santa Fe. However, rest of the destinations in the region of Latin America has not yet been revealed.
As per the records of Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, ten crypto exchanges are already based in Argentina.
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