Nearly 4mn Bitcoins left to mine, what’ll be the value of last BTC? – John McAfee asks 20468
Madhurima Roy
Aug 7, 2018 at 10:59 AM

As there are less than 4 million Bitcoins left to mine, John McAfee has expressed major apprehension about the ‘value of the last Bitcoin’. Considering the miners’ state, has him frown, as several of them are shedding out huge amount of money. Although according to him, “No miner has ever lost money mining Bitcoin, irrespective of the price,” it is the ‘difficulty rates’ that matters.

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Voicing his concern, the Bitcoin enthusiast posted on Twitter stating: “There are less than 4 million Bitcoins left to mine. What do you think the value of the last Bitcoin will be? Thousands of miners spending, in some cases, millions of dollars each to find it. Can the value be less than the effort? The value would have to be hundreds of millions.”

Reasoning the worth of the last Bitcoin

The tweet gave rise to threads of replies from the followers of the British-American computer programmer. Responding and clarifying their opinions, he further stated that the last Bitcoin won’t be less than hundred million dollars.

“Just think about it rationally. Miners may take weeks or months to get the last Bitcoin. The difficulty rate will go through the roof. There's no way the last Bitcoin could be worth less than a few hundred million dollars,” his tweet explained.

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Explaining from the miners perspective, the major crypto enthusiast stated that miners own a lot more control than one can assume and when they mine, they will “drive the price of Bitcoin”. Therefore, the last Bitcoin will “have to be worth hundreds of millions”.


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