Blackmoon Launches Blockchain Asset Management Platform 6516
Roshni Vayyapuri
Apr 18, 2018 at 12:39 AM

Blackmoon, the Ireland-incorporated fintech startup Financial Group is about to launch a new product aiming to connect the traditional world with the virtual currency world.

Blackmoon was launched in the year 2014, which specializes in tokenized investment funds and vehicles. They have developed a platform which allows to create and manage tokenized investment funds in a legal and compliant manner by the asset managers.

Asset tokens can provide their holders with access to the performance of the vast choice of funds investing in fiat and crypto-oriented strategies without leaving the blockchain by registering and completing KYC procedure.

The company stated, one of the first asset tokens available in the platform will track the performance of the S&P 500 Index. Token holders gain exposure to the US large cap space by getting tokens.

Sergey Vasin, Blackmoon COO said in the coming months two other asset tokens that provide exposure to US-based hedge funds will be listed on the platform. Also, they have plans to launch a token that would give access to emerging markets ETF indexes.

They have organized a 20-hour token sale in last September in which they raised US$30 million. They released Blackmoon platform after a few months.

Oleg Seydak, CEO, and founder of Blackmoon Financial Group said, “The (Blackmoon) platform has been under ongoing development these past 7 months. During this time, we have dedicated our effort and signed several strong partners, including banks and brokerage firms, to ensure that our service provides the necessary tools for asset managers that are willing to take the industry to the next level,”