Blockchain Ireland Launched to boost National Blockchain innovation 13947
Roshni Vayyapuri
Jun 12, 2018 at 1:31 PM

Blockchain Ireland, a major source of data on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, was launched today by the Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG), led by IDA Ireland. The platform which is online will serve as the go-to source of data on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, assisting the promotion of Ireland as a blockchain center of excellence.

Blockchain Ireland is launched by IBEG. this group is responsible for IDA Ireland-led forum which was established as a vehicle to boost and enhance the blockchain industry in Ireland. IDA Ireland, members of blockchain businesses and projects in Ireland, representatives from a number of academic institutions, as well as participants of the wider Irish blockchain community are included in the association. The group will undertake to encourage national blockchain education and create awareness of industry for international developments.

Keith Fingleton, Chief Information Officer of IDA Ireland said,
“IBEG and the Blockchain Ireland initiative will assist blockchain projects and businesses in leveraging the beneficial environment in Ireland to foster increased innovation, and develop a national, European, and international blockchain ecosystem. Ireland is uniquely positioned to serve as a technology hub within Europe and internationally, with a large, highly skilled workforce and clear government commitment to innovation – reflected by tax initiatives promoting R&D and foreign investment in the Irish economy. The proximity of international and local firms, industry bodies, governmental institutions, and universities within the country allows for effective collaboration to meet new opportunities,”

Blockchain Ireland will serve to connect to the Irish blockchain sector and the public. The platform will facilitate data on setting up in Ireland, available services. Also, the platform will help and support for blockchain projects, blockchain events which are upcoming within the country and an overview of the key domestic and international stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem.

The strengths of the Irish technology sector and business environment to boost the country will be highlighted on the platform. Also, they will conduct promotion to establish the country as an ideal venue for blockchain-enabled business.

Image via Huobi

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