Blockchain is utilized by ParkinGo to enhance Mobility 13971
Roshni Vayyapuri
Jun 12, 2018 at 3:15 PM

Blockchain is utilized for mobility by  Europe's leading network of Parking Services ParkinGo. It has announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to the public.

The 'car service' to 'customer service'- ttwenty-yearstrong enterprise has transformed with 55 parking venues across Europe next to useful locations that include airports and train stations. The new step onto the blockchain will develop a new level of efficiency and transparency to its 2.5 million customer transactions every year who leave their vehicles with ParkinGo whenever they travel.

Public members can purchase GOTokens starting from June 12th till June 27th. The following day, the token can be accessed to the benefits of the ParkinGO network. Eidoo's popular ICO Engine will hold the ICO. It offers companies the opportunity to safely and efficiently fundraise on the blockchain.

All the vehicle which enters a ParkinGO venue is scanned with high-end technology to precisely assess the condition of the vehicle down to the slightest scratch. The scan will provide guarantee of quality, providing the reassurance at heart of the ParkinGO approach.  They have successfully delivered the network of highly accessible and reliable car parking and transfer services to independent travelers, tour operators, travel agencies, and a wide range of affiliates.

In addition to parking, customers can enjoy extra benefits that includes 24/7 airport shuttle services, car valeting, refuelling, tyre changes, and car delivery to the airport.

GOTokens users will get priority over other means of the transaction to all ParkinGO Group services, such as first in line check-in and transfer, guaranteed reserved parking, even during high seasons, and access to a reward system that provides users with extra tokens for providing feedback, checking in online, or buying extra services.

The major aim of the ICO is to raise $10 million that will aid to drive the international expansion of ParkinGO: 45% will go to business development and marketing, 28% to team growth, 20% into software and technology, 5% into G&A, and 2% into other activities.

Image via ParkinGO

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