Blockchain Voting Pilot Using Ethereum-Based IDs: Switzerland 13668
Roshni Vayyapuri
Jun 11, 2018 at 7:42 PM

Blockchain powered voting will be held in Zug, a city in Switzerland this summer. Country’s local media reported. The event is scheduled to happen between June 25 and July 1. Zug is reportedly the first in the country to vote using blockchain.

Zug is an affluent municipality and town in Switzerland. According to the local report, the trial vote will implement the city’s digital ID (eID) system which was launched in November 2017. Citizens mobile devices can be used for voting.

Citizens will be asked for opinions on whether the blockchain based eID system should be used for future referendum votes. The upcoming vote is a trial and hence the results for the city officials will be non-biding.

The affluent city of Switzerland has become a center of “world’s leading ecosystems for crypto, the blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies.” The city has already established as a Crypto valley and a global hub for the crypto and blockchain development. In the year 2016, The city launched an innovative to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for municipality services.

Switzerland is the number one most blockchain-friendly country in Europe according to the reports. The presence of “Crypto Valley” and the country’s tax-free policy for crypto investors are creating a crypto friendly ecosystem in the country.

The introduction of the voting system is to explore the potential of distributed ledger technology to remove election fraud and provide immutable and fake records. In November Nasdaq announced an electric shareholder voting system that is based on technology for the South African capital markets. In May Santander utilized the technology for shareholder at their annual AGM.

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