Brave Partners with the Dow Jones Media Group 4353
Arun Yeldho
Apr 21, 2018 at 1:15 AM

A variety of goals can be accomplished through digital currencies, blockchain innovation, and advancement. On account of the Brave browser, a ton of positive changes are occurring at this very moment.

Brave enables users to expel all advertisements from the browser, watch ads and be paid for it, or replace traditional ads with whitelisted ones. The content being offered to Brave clients traverses various sites, including and the premium MarketWatch newsletter. For anybody keen on finance related news and data, this might be worth looking into. Despite the fact that that will mean introducing a new browser for a reasonable couple of clients, it is as yet a superior choice contrasted with what else is available right at this point. Also, it appears to be both Barron's, and MarketWatch will become verified publishers for the Basic Attention Token platform. This will enable buyers and publicists to pay distributors for the given content.

That being said, without sufficient partners on board, ventures like Brave won't make a big enough impact. The organization has discovered another media accomplice in the Dow Jones Media Group. A pretty well-known outlet all over the world,  it will generate and disseminate media content to Brave users on a “first-come, the first-serve basis.”

There is a splendid future ahead for blockchain innovation in the media and advertising industries. Up until this point, there has been no significant change in the way sites offer advertisements or deal with publishing in general. Therefore exploring new technologies is absolutely critical.

This partnership is a major advance forward for Brave and the Dow Jones Media Group. In the meantime, this offering does not incorporate the Dow Jones association, including the Wall Street Journal  or any of its different destinations. Though this situation may change if the new partnership proves successful.


Image via Shutterstock