“The Bull Market IS coming,” says John McAfee 18688
Madhurima Roy
Jul 18, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Today’s morning started with a tweet from John McAfee and it is keeping media and cryptocurrency circles quite busy. The founder of McAfee and CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc tweeted that the latest surge in Bitcoin's price might be the initial phase in the “bull market”.

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What McAfee said?

The US based software developer’s tweet said: “Bitcoin - $1,000 increase in one week. Is this the bull market? I have no clue. 10 such increases in succession and I will consider it Bull. In the meantime, know this: The Bull Market IS coming. And when it does, it will make the eruption of Krakatoa seem like a Meerkat's burp.”

“The Bull Market IS coming,” says John McAfee-BCFocus

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Is it silver lining for cryptocurrencies?

The crypto market has been going through a lot of whirlwinds in terms of trading and harsh criticisms. The latest being, the cryptocurrency market getting stumbled last week. However, the crypto market mostly surfaced back to normality and witnessed a positive growth after many coins touched their lows. McAfee has always sided with cryptocurrencies stating that the currencies will eventually prevail through the lows and will come out as winner.

Bitcoin in the last 24 hours saw a 10.90% surge in price and is currently being traded at $7,437.77 (Value at the time of writing). McAfee is very confident about the market and insisted on: "The Bull Market IS coming." Bitcoin's $1,000 surge in price in a week, is another reason to consider that the crypto value along with the trading volume might see a major surge.

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