Businessman Parker released after captors demand 50 bitcoins as ransom 23370 The kidnapped Liyaqat Parker
Nitin Murali
Sep 18, 2018 at 10:37 PM

After having been for two months in captivity, Liyaqat Parker, a businessman from Capetown was released after his captors had allegedly demanded 50 Bitcoins as ransom.

This was true as his family had issued a statement on his release. However, whether the Bitcoin ransom was paid or not remains a mystery as his family rejected giving further information.

According to The South African, Parker was followed and accosted into his business premises in Fairway Close, N1 city by five males whose names still remain untold.

After bogging down the security guard by locking him in the toilet and confiscating his cellphone, heavily armed assailants acquainted Parker in a double car delivery vehicle and eventually kidnapped him.

The family issued a statement on Tuesday morning happy to be reunited with Parker and they thanked everyone and also requested media and public to respect their privacy.

“The Parker family wishes to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who has walked this journey with them and provided physical‚ emotional and spiritual support. It is truly appreciated. The family is relieved that he is back and would like to request the media and public to respect their privacy during this difficult time,” said the family in the statement issued.

Bitcoin has been a talk around the town as a means of paying ransom instead of cash. One such example was the kidnapping of a crypto exchange analyst at EXMO, Pavel Lerner and his captors demanded US $1 million in bitcoin.

But the difference here is that the ransom was actually paid according to a Reuters report at the time.

Along with these crimes, there are many others where the captors demanded bitcoins. In Turkey, a businessman was stolen of 450 bitcoins which equal to $3 million at that time. The gang noticed him be wealthy after his posts on social media.

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