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Ashmita Dutta
Jun 25, 2018 at 4:18 PM

Cardano [ADA] co-founder, Charles Hoskinson in a recent tweet feels hopeful about the blooming and evolving crypto market. He thinks that the rejuvenation of the crypto industry is possible by the entrance of institutional investors. BCFocus has recently reported about Cardano [ADA] creator, Hoskinson taking blockchain technology to Ethiopia.

These institutional investors can only enter as soon as the regulations and norms get settled properly. The uncertain condition prevailing in the market is basically due to the regulatory delay persisting all around the world. The two nations which have been clear about their regulatory measures to facilitate cryptocurrencies are South Korea and Thailand.

The South Korean authorities begun exercising control and regulating procedure on crypto exchanges akin to their regulation on commercialised banks. The SEC of Thailand has given its approval to 7 cryptocurrencies for carrying out trade and formulate ICO norms.

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The market crash occurring as late as 22nd June, 2018 prompted the financial regulators of Japan to declare certain order. This order was directed towards the cryptocurrency exchanges for improving their practices against illegal acitivities like money laundering.

The Twitter Posts

The U.S.SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] has issued clear guiding principles declaring that Ethereum [ETH] digital currency is not a security asset. However, the lesser amount of time the regulators take for making decision, quicker stability would be attained in the crypto markets. In this context, Charles Hoskinson has recently posted his views on the popular social media platform, Tweeter .

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He believes that the crypto market space would evolve to a next level as soon as unlocked capital is brought in by Wallstreet. Such a level is aspired by every other crypto trader and HODLer in the nascent crypto industrial space. Replying to the Tweeter post of Hoskinson, a crypto enthusiast said that Wallstreet may enter as early as 2013 in the crypto market.

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